Saturday, December 18, 2010

Graduation Fair Tabling.

March 2011 -
So, Catherine and I waltz into the UC Bookstore to get our graduation caps and gowns.

It's so wonderful because my completion of my undergraduate career finally feels real. Also, like Donna Grady said in Graduation Orientation, I WILL graduate. There is no "I might" or other iffy nonsense language. I was also advised today, and my advisor, Sarah, gave me the ALL CLEAR (besides getting checked out by the Honors College).

When I first walk in, I immediately approach the Herff Jones table because I believe they are in charge of Caps and Gowns (they are) but I inadvertently approached the announcements table.

There was an All-American gentleman that was in charge of the table who greeted us and I asked if he was helping with caps and gowns. He said no, but pointed us to where we should go, and he had no greasy salesmanship about him. He was probably one of the most nicest people I've ever met.

When Catherine and I were picking out our caps and gowns, I jokingly lamented that there were no 5'3" caps and gowns for me, and he immediately said, there's some more downstairs, and went to go get it and politely asked if I would stand at his table and hand people the yellow information sheets.

I immediately obliged; I love tabling.

When we went behind the table, it felt so familiar. I was hoping someone would come and they did! But the first girl was looking for caps and gowns like us.

The next pair of folks were interested, and on-the-fly I described the various packages to him and the other a la carte items they could purchase on-line. It was so fun, and I felt like I was the President of UNICEF, promoting it all over again. :)

Catherine complimented me on it, and when the nice gentleman came back, I thanked him for letting me have that experience and told him what I told his potential customers.

I loved his smile and the energy he had. It was completely palpable. Good interactions.

Also, I remember the challenges I encountered in UNICEF in my term, but I also definitely remember the conversations I had with students at UH and seeing them at my table and then eventually at my meetings. That's definitely one thing I got to re-live today.

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