Monday, December 20, 2010

Mark Kanemura.

On why he came back to SYTYCD:
"That's why I came back to kick my butt. I wanted this show to kick my butt again. And hopfully I'll grow again and learn more.

What advice would you say to season 7 contestants of SYTYCD:
"I would tell them that even when it gets hard you can get through it. Like there's always a way to get through it. When you think you can't go on any more, you can, there's always a little ounce of you that's going to get you through it. When you look back, you're just going to have all of this experience and you're going to be proud of yourself for getting through it."

On pressure and staying focused:
"There's so much going on around you, that you have to stay in it."

I just think it's great advice for me and the challenges I'm having right now, staying focused, keeping motivated, and why I should return to the things that kick my ass and how to stay motivated.

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