Saturday, December 11, 2010


I thought we weren't even going to go inside the club. It was raining. The energy level was down. And there was hardly anyone inside. [I can make it a party, regardless of who is there... but ...]

We went inside, and got the club warmed up. I met a few of my friend's acquaintances. It was Black Night, and I was wearing my black dress with buttons on the front. It's just a sleek fun little black dress, nothing too deadly.

I danced with the girls I met, and it was fun! But I knew they had inhibitions. How can I tell? Well... it's really telling when there are certain moves put on repeat, over and over again, and that's the extent of their dancing vocabulary. EVERYONE on this planet has more than 2 moves, and if you're not showing them, it's because you feel bridled or restrained in some way. It might be the company, it might be the inhibitions, or it might be something else, but it's something! Also, I can tell, when there's a lack of eye contact and it seems like they are doing it just to fit in. You can tell when someone is dancing in the PRESENT. It feels totally different. It's so IN YOUR FACE and the energy goes right through your body, and you are compelled to do nothing but MATCH this energy and convey it through your own expression. :)

This is how I knew.

It wasn't all bad. Serendipity happened. I met a boy. Amir. He asked me to dance, just as I was getting off the dancefloor. I told him, I'm with friends, and we're getting drinks, but when I come back, find me, and we'll hit the floor.

My heart racing a little bit fast, we made our way back, and I was all too excited. He came up to me, and we started dancing.

I remember my dancing experiences much better than the dates I've been on, and it's only because they've been much more memorable and adrenaline-filled.

There's nothing quite like what happened on the dancefloor that night: to dance our hearts out to a song, switching from Latin to hip-hop back and forth, and having people around you whistling and clapping their hands because THEY KNOW there's this awesome magnetism and electricity in the air coming from our limbs and chemistry. I love dancing. And I think even more than meeting someone who was a special dancer, it was SO fun to rekindle the talent I know I have, that's brought out of me when someone else is especially talented. The sum is greater than the individual parts, as they say, and this night was not an exception.

It was intense, it was incredibly fun, and I think the dance time we shared, MADE the night for me.

As his friend stole him away to hop to another venue, I said goodbye.

Most important of all, I took that night with me, and I carry it even now.

I still got it. :)

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