Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is a tribute to all of the men in the world, and the role of a man. I won't try to one up the male condition by trying to compare what a woman must go through. Ahem. Like cramps. And pregnancy. And numerous double standards.

The ball could go back and forth over the net, but the fact is we need to stop this battle of the sexes. Wouldn't life be sweeter if we didn't question our co-existence? We're all human, and we're all children of the earth. Let all of us be.

I feel for every boy that's been told to stop crying, and to be a man. As a girl, I've been allowed to cry my heart out whenever I please. And it's a pleasure to be able to express my emotion in such a way, and not ever feel invalidated.

I feel for every boy who is taught that certain pastimes make you a man. Baseball. Football. Never allowed to think that ballroom dancing could be cool.

I feel for every boy who is taught to live without emotion and to equate the human touch with human weakness.

I love the soft smooth muscle that comprises your heart, just like mine. And even though your weight, strength, and build can differentiate us, you shouldn't allow it to.

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