Friday, December 17, 2010


Seattle is such a beautiful fun place, and I had the best time in a long time there.

It was my reward for a semester well done (4.0 baby!) and also, a time when I could finally visit my friend after discussing it for nearly 2 years. It would finally happen!

The drive to Port Angeles was therapeutic and I felt like I was completely away from the world. I loved it.

Eating at Michael's was one of the best dining experiences ever. The best bread pudding I've ever had, with warm cider. And the best cocktails, and I fulfilled my paella craving, and tried Alan's fried oysters. I never had fried oysters, but I find myself craving them because those were absolutely delectable.

It was cold, for sure, but it was nice. It wasn't the windy kind of cold, it was like a cold hug that didn't try to whip and smack you in the face. :)

One of the things I'll remember most was the food. Oh god damn, the food was the bomb. That next morning we had bagels, and I tried Alan's salmon bagel. WOW. I had a blueberry one with cream cheese. I went to Walmart, and it was so HUGE and much better looking than any other Walmart I've seen.

Going to Olympic State Park felt like a dream. Like a Winter Wonderland dream and I couldn't wake up. It was beyond what I could ever imagine and it was postcard perfect. I wish I could've stayed on those snowy hillsides for a bit longer. Definitely something to remember forever.

Eating chili on the ferry hit the right spot. It was so good, and going outside to see the seagulls was a treat.

This day, going to the EMP was so fun, and seeing all the memorabilia like Kurt Cobain's actual guitar and Jimi Hendrix's actual handwriting and guitars was so amazing. It was such a fun place to go to. Before that we saw a mini-winter wonderland and a girl's dancing performance show, which made me laugh.

We went to the observatory deck of the Space Needle and I feel like, I've done this shindig so many times (NYC, Tokyo), and on top of that, it was rainy, but I really enjoyed the gift shop. :) I bought my brother a hat and some chocolate cherries.

Then we went to take a break and I watched my first episode of The Deadliest Warrior. It was the SWAT team vs GSG9. It was so intense and I was utterly enthralled. I wanted to just veg out on the couch and watch it forever.

Then it was time to get dressed and go eat at Mashiko. Sustainable sushi. Yum. We had the okinase - chef's choice, and had literally like 10 plates of random stuff, that pretty much ALL tasted really good. Some things I've never tried before like, urchin roe, white salmon, and smelt on a stick, but it was all very tasty. Mmmm... with Sapporo too.

It was raining still but we went to Allure and after loosening up a bit, I had such a great time dancing and meeting new people.

That night, we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off, for my first time, and then I packed my stuff for the next day so I wouldn't be stressed out, and took a shower and had some cleansing time, and went to sleep watching How I Met Your Mother.

The next day, we went to the Farmer's Market and it was so AWESOME! We had some baby donuts, some free tea from a store, and THE ABSOLUTE BEST CLAM CHOWDER IN THE WORLD! I have had chowder in a can, but this really just blows it away, and now I'm a huge fan when it's done right. I bought some Atlantic salmon from my parents and some other things.

After getting my stuff together at Alan's apartment, I bid au revoir to Seattle - the beautiful, hippy-like, full-of-personality, special place that I wouldn't mind living. I mean, I've never seen stacked highways before, and I think it's awesome that their downtown is in the middle of it all, and there's water all around, and you can go snowboarding by driving a little bit aways, and walk home from the baseball game since things are pretty packed. There's nice shopping areas but at the same time there's a lot of unique Washington-only stores if you want individuality. It's the best of both world I think. And I'll miss it.

When I got back from my flight, I was exhausted at the sheer amount of things I did in 3 days. I got onto the Spot Parking Van, and made sure I found my return slip, and got in my car. I was so happy that after paying off my expense, and driving home safely to UH, and being in my nice warm bed - that everything happened like I wanted it to. :) I hadn't slept so soundly in a long time. As much as I love travel, I do love my bed.

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