Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paradise Circus.

This song by Massive Attack, Paradise Circus, is so ethereal and sensual. It's amazing.

I first heard the song as background music in True Blood, the TV show I'm quite enamored by, which is about vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures in their attempts to coexist. :) The premise underdelivers how awesome the show is.

Paradise Circus evokes emotional undertones, and I've been thinking a lot about which emotions it strikes. I think it cuts through any layers I may have on at the moment and it has a way of keeping me honest on an emotional level. It keeps me exposed, expressive, and raw. There are few songs that can just... open a person up like that. On a tangent, music is the fastest thing to evoke an emotional reaction, and I find that amazing.

Over the past year, as I've absorbed things here and there, and I've questioned the function of everything. It's really gotten me more attuned to psychology and understanding the motives for why people create thigns. The pieces have been fitting together like puzzle pieces as numerous A-ha! moments happened this year. I understand more and more how interconnected things are, such as music, current events, and the attitudes we as human beings take on. Watching movies, and how the actors portray their characters starts to make a whole lot of sense when I start to understand what they are motivated by. Everything is intertwined...

I've been thinking a while at what would be a good fitting song for my photography website portfolio. It's supposed to be a background or a primer to set the mood and to paint the photographs a certain way, and I think it's a good choice. :) YAY for serendipity.

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