Sunday, December 26, 2010


March 2011 - Why yes, salsa is a great food class.

Haha, this actual dance class is such great fun. I love that I committed to it, because it's been so fun to have actual steps to be able to perform on the dance floor.

When I partied with George this weekend, I did some salsa moves with Christine, and she ... attempted... to mimic my smooth moves. It just felt natural to do, and I had a great time.

I have realized, you can really dance latin steps to any song. Really. Just try. Pick a slow song, fast song, the basic step can be implemented universally.

The class is so fun, and I have such a great time dancing with the guys. I would love to accelerate my learning, but for the commitment level we all have, I think we're progressing nicely.

We learned choreography which was tough, but the actual steps Lucia taught us, are ones I won't ever forget. I love the turns and improvising with the guy I'm dancing with.

Something that's been difficult to learn are the hand movements and the 'style' to embed in the dance. That has been much harder than the footwork. But after practicing in the mirror, I think I've got it! :)

Salsa is all in the mind -- then it comes out in the presentation. ^_^ Happy dancing.

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